TEAM WORK!  It seems like nobody truly respects or understands the value of these words lately.  Each and everyday you see people talk about – “working as a team”,”being part of a team”, and even “join us and be part of our team”. The reality is that most of the people responsible for creating/preaching these slogans, are the biggest individuals in society.  Now think, if you say the word, that must mean that you follow what you preach right? Wrong. Recently we had the pleasure to train a group of individuals that were introduced to a component of Team Work. It was amazing to see these individuals come together as a Team and complete what most would agree, is a difficult challenge. One of the most fundamental lessons we learnt was that no matter who you are, you truly cannot harness your mental toughness and endurance, without a soul-searching challenge. A challenge does not have to be excruciating or impossible to complete, however, it is important that in order for individuals to be part of a team, they need to learn who they are with in that team dynamic. TEAM WORK is more than just participating in a challenge.  It involves a group of people that share the common goal of achieving greatness together, regardless of the obstacle.

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