Steve Nash | Owner of Traditional Excellence

“I recently had an opportunity to work with Pat and UNIK SKILLS on a variety of collaborative projects. We did courses on Helicopter Operations/Safety and Night Navigation for Forestry students at Algonquin College and conducted a 6 hour self-defense seminar in Ottawa. I Was very glad to have Pat as a wing man and learned a great deal from his experience, skill set and rare ability to inspire and motivate program participants.

I have personally known Pat for almost 15 years. He is truly exceptional at all that he does and I have/continue to trust him with my life. “You will be hard pressed to find a better team for your training, development and success.”

Ashley | Saskatoon

“I’ve had the privilege of learning from Pat on a regular basis, during private self-defense training sessions.

Pat is an amazing and gifted instructor – he is incredibly knowledgeable and proficient in multiple areas, and has an excellent style of sharing his knowledge and experience while mentoring his students. Pat’s innate ability to motivate a student, adds to the positive environment he creates when teaching. Pat has an extremely approachable demeanor, he is patient, kind and caring – as Pat’s student I felt that he genuinely cared about my personal success in learning self-defense techniques.
Pat’s attention to detail is remarkable. He custom tailored my program to suit my personal needs, and every time I trained with him, I felt that he paid close attention to every detail of my training program, to ensure that I was progressing and reaching my full potential every step along the way.

I found Pat’s instruction to be crystal clear, and appreciated his pace of teaching, and his openness to my questions about training. He appears to have an extraordinary ability to read his student, coupled with an instinctive awareness of what his student needs.

Before I started training with Pat, I felt defenseless as a young woman, and extremely physically vulnerable. After beginning self-defense sessions with Pat, I began to feel a sense of empowerment, as my fear of feeling defenseless and physically vulnerable slowly disappeared. In every session, he shared a wealth of knowledge with me, and after every session, I walked away with an overwhelming and positive feeling of empowerment.

Today, I feel stronger and more empowered than I ever have in my entire life. Learning self–defense from Pat through private training sessions has been one of the best action choices I have ever made. I am very grateful for the all of the invaluable skills that I have learned. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from Pat, and I deeply appreciate the profound impact that his instruction has had on my life.

Pat’s commitment to student success is inimitable. I highly recommend training with him – any person who has the opportunity to learn from Pat will be better off for it.”

Kris Kembel | Lead Instructor, Momentum Martial Arts.

“I run a martial arts and combat club, and I first met Pat during a Jiu-Jitsu training session which he introduced to my club. Immediately after the session I asked him to run regular classes, and assist us in developing a solid, legitimate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program. His level of knowledge far surpasses his credentials on paper, and his ‘salt of the earth’ attitude immediately strikes a positive chord with his students. He is patient, humble, accepting, and intense without being pretentious – which given his ability is a testament to his personality.

I have only dealt with Pat in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu setting, but after knowing him for the better part of a year I would sign up for any program that he offers, and I am looking forward to experiencing Pat’s navigation training program this summer. In my experience Pat teaches only what he knows, and when you enter one of his classes you can expect the most – because you’ll get it.”

Rocio Benalcazar

“I first met Pat on one of my courses with the military: I truly feel I was lucky to have had him as an instructor. He immediately made me feel at ease and I knew right away I was in good hands. His composure and demeanor were very professional; his leadership qualities were evident to us right at the offset. I appreciated the way in which Pat was able to understand and relate to people from different cultures, we all felt as if he was one of our own. Pat possesses excellent communication skills. His instructions were clear and straight forward, his words encouraged and motivated us, it made us want to give it all we had!

His teaching style is stern, but professional the learning experience is accentuated by the fact that Pat has lived and breathed what he teaches. He doesn’t just talk and talk, but has walked the walk! Thank you, Pat. Thank you for being an excellent instructor, for helping me succeed, but most of all; for sharing your friendship with me. Cheers my friend!”


I originally met Pat when I was posted to Ottawa, he always presented himself as a very professional, and very humble individual. It came as no surprise to find out that he opened a club that offers such quality self-defense. I was originally diagnosed with PTSD in 2014. After accepting that I was going to be carrying this weight on my shoulders, I tried everything that was suggested as a way to cope with this ailment. Medication, therapy, exercise, nature walks, but nothing seemed to help in a way that was long lasting. I’d feel in control for short periods at a time, until the depression took over, I needed something else, something that worked. In the spring of 2016 I heard of a club in town that offers Krav Maga, BJJ, and Muay Thai,(Krav Maga something that I’ve always been interested in). Before trying a class of Krav, I thought it was best to discuss it with someone who is an expert in dealing with PTSD. I was told flat out that I wouldn’t be able do it, I’d snap, I’d lash out and hurt people, I’d be triggered…this response came as a surprise to me. I thought I had found a way to channel this hyper-vigilance in a safe way, without suppressing what feels natural to me. If I “flip-out”, so what? The people I’d be lashing out at are highly trained individuals who can subdue me in heart-beat, I never recognized myself as a threat to anyone. The only response that came to mind were words that I’ve come to repeat on a weekly basis; “What better way to control aggression, than through controlled aggression?”. People usually understand, and accept that Krav Maga is the best coping mechanism for me. It wasn’t until December of 2016 that I worked up the courage to step foot on the mats, after 9 months of convincing myself not to go, mainly anxiety, I finally approached Pat. 10 minutes into the first class, I was shown the very basics (how to stand, how to block), and I was hooked. I’ve finally found an outlet where it’s acceptable to be aggressive, it’s encouraged to be hyper-vigilant, and it’s helped me control the extra adrenaline I have. When Pat teaches a class, and the way he carries himself on a daily basis, people are drawn to him, the want to listen to what he has to say, he’s authentic, he’s a natural leader, and he wants to help. I thought I found a good outlet to “take the edge off”, but what I actually found was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I found an effective way of dealing with PTSD. I’m 40 pounds lighter, I my joints aren’t sore anymore, and I’m in the best shape of my life. I highly recommend Unik Skills to anybody, especially those who carry a burden similar to my own. Trust me, it works.

Thank you, Pat, for helping me crush it, and take control of the situation. “Together we shall conquer”.

Zereena | Australia

“I met Pat when I attended his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes on holiday in Saskatoon. I was immediately impressed by his approachable nature, easy to follow and understand teaching manner which is balanced by his technical ability and wrestling experience.

He creates a wonderful learning culture in his classes of helpful participation and ‘no ego’ amongst the students. His passion for the sport and teaching is mirrored by the passion his students demonstrate on the mats.”

Anthony Cheeseman | Geographic Information Systems Technician Halifax, NS.

“The first time in the pool I was pretty nervous. I was never a very confident swimmer and I had not been swimming in a number of years. At first I couldn’t even dive in to get the brick during the dive drill portion. At the end of the first lesson, after being shown some simple techniques. I was diving better than I ever had in my life.

The Water Confidence/Conditioning Program increased my cardio and strength faster than any other technique I have tried. Thanks to the training and skills that I learned with the instructors at UNIK SKILLS, I always try to challenge myself in new ways to get the maximum out of my time spent training in the water.”

Shane Dobratz | Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts, ON.

“I had the opportunity recently to work with Pat and his staff during a martial arts training camp. The skill set he and his team taught and applied with us was priceless. We learned various outdoor and real situation skills that apply to real world situations and team building.

I would recommend him to anyone seeking an amazing outdoor and valuable experience.”

John, Group Leader, Northern Ontario.

“We contacted UNIK SKILLS and were impressed with the professional instructions we received. Our group wanted to learn how to Navigate in the bush with a map and the instructors were incredible. These guys went out of their way to show us how to use a compass and some good tricks with the G.P.S.

I have personally never witnessed anyone as competent as the instructors at UNIK SKILLS. From the moment that we were greeted, until the day that we left, the instructors made all the necessary adjustments to provide the best training to our group. We will be back regularly. Thanks again for getting us ready for this year’s hunting season.”