It has been a great couple months and as we approach the end of May, we continue to offer Krav Maga Classes. Our first class of our 4 Tier session began March 1st and we have had great success with our students so far.  It has been fun, challenging and interesting.  Many new skills being taught and we are very impressed with the energy our students are displaying in class.  If you ever had any interest to take a Krav Maga Class, do not hesitate to contact us today at or visit us

Many people that are new to Self-Defense normally have two goals….get in shape and learn how to defend themselves.  This seems pretty easy to do but for many it may be quite difficult to find quality instruction, especially when every martial arts business out there are claiming to be the BEST. We recommend you do your homework, and any good place worth training with, will offer you a FREE intro class.  Ask questions and most importantly, feel comfortable in the training environment.  If you are going to spend your hard earned money on Self-Defense, you want to ensure that you are getting something in return.  Never accept less than professional quality instruction.  After all, when you join a class you should feel welcomed and empowered.  It is important that your instructor takes the time to develop your skills and pushes you to meet your potential.

Saskatoon is a great city and we have had the pleasure to teach many wonderful people here. On Sunday, June 22nd from 9am till noon, we will be hosting our first official WOMEN’S SELF-DEFENSE WORKSHOP.  It will be an awesome day and we look forward to  teaching some effective techniques while making it a fun training atmosphere.

Feel free to contact us and ask about our training.  We offer many interesting courses including private or customized group training.  We look forward to teaching more people here in Saskatchewan as we continue to INSPIRE – LEARN – EVOLVE as humans.

Stay safe, train smart, and train hard!

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