About Us


Pronounced “Unique Skills”, we Inspire you to become empowered through challenging activities. We will customize training to meet the needs of our participants and have implemented a structured system for each skill. We are a mobile training group, which means we will travel to your location to provide our services if requested across Canada.

A dynamic training group specializing in Self-Defense, you will find that our training is authentic and practical. We offer the highest quality of instruction in Krav Maga Combatives, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and customized Self-Defense training sessions for groups, individuals and/or professionals.

For those of you interested in learning Navigation Fundamentals, participating in Survival Training or attending an outdoors Team Building event, you will truly enjoy our quality programs. We offer specialized training in Combatives, shooting and weapon retention which also includes confined space and vehicle combatives. Our focus is to help military, police and security groups.

Professional organizations often reach out to us to help with personal protection, combatives, self-defense training and weapon retention to include a few of the skills we offer. For serious inquiries please contact us info@unikskills.com

Our staff is very experienced and professional. With over 25 years of experience, we have developed a structured system where the objective is to place the client’s demands as a priority.


It should be noted that our instructors have consistently excelled, achieved high G.P.A’s, placed in the top 10 percentile during training and inspired many individuals to reach their goals with a proven “lead by example” approach to their respective careers.

The following is a list of some of the qualifications and experience which our instructors have earned in the last 20 years: instructors are highly qualified and experienced in what they do. As a minimum requirement, each instructor must be certified to teach under the President/Leader of Unik Skills.

The standard and expectations of professionalism for the instructors is high. Just to put things in perspective, in order to become employed at Unik Skills Training & Consuling, the following pre-requisits or requirements must be proven/met.


“My wife and I were fortunate enough to run across Pat and his team at UNIK SKILLS in our pursuit of learning map & compass navigation skills. Boy did UNIK SKILLS deliver! We were knocked out by the level of commitment and professionalism Pat and his team brought to the sessions. We have received a solid foundation in land navigation tools and techniques. The navigation exercise was an incredible experience and challenge.

The team at UNIK SKILLS delivers on the promise to bring something unique to their clients and do so in a professional manner that ensures the safety for us novices, and is challenging enough for the most seasoned land navigators. The land navigation course was a first step into a much bigger and challenging world for us and we are grateful for having UNIK SKILLS showing us the way – inspire, learn and evolve!”

– Jon and Maggie Whittington, Stittsville Ontario.

“As shocking as it may sound, Googling and YouTubing Krav Maga did not at all prepare me for it. Although my instructor was definitely physically intimidating, his mind was even more formidable. Unlike many ‘instructors’ who are just interested in punching bags, cash machines and scoping the ladies, Pat assured us that physical fitness, age and prior experience were not deal-breakers. Given the fact that I had accumulated lots of injuries, I was the oldest member of the group and I was struggling to find neutral between different disciplines, I was quite relieved. All that was required was that I trust him. Once I realized that this faith was ultimately an extension of my belief (or lack thereof) within myself, I wondered if it was too much of a burden. However, as I fought my way through the ‘exit ticket’ at the end of the first session, my path through the kick pads, wolfish grins and fading light was clear.

Pat is the real deal because he continues to live it. Thanks to his superhuman patience, realism, sense of humour, and genuine concern for our safety/preparedness, I have finally discovered that one’s mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical components must be shredded before they can be united and strengthened. By tailoring dynamic instruction to correspondingly fluid individual personalities, he allows us to set and exceed our own limits without compromise. Thus, there is no shame or ego – only hard work, camaraderie and the fervent desire to have a krav class every day. After all, survival isn’t a game – it’s life.”
– Alexander Dick, Saskatoon