Momentum BJJ

On July 3rd 2013 the owners of Momentum Martial Arts in Saskatoon implemented a Brazilian Jiujitsu Program in their academy. As owner of Unik Skills Training & Consulting it was my pleasure to be employed as the program director and instructor. Since our first day we have accomplished lots and […]


The colder weather is upon us again. Time for some outdoor training and great chance to learn some valuable survival skills. If you get a chance please do yourself a favor and get out for a couple hours some weekend and enjoy the outdoors. Visit your local hunting or outdoor […]

Team Building

TEAM WORK!  It seems like nobody truly respects or understands the value of these words lately.  Each and everyday you see people talk about – “working as a team”,”being part of a team”, and even “join us and be part of our team”. The reality is that most of the […]


We are pleased to launch our blog and hear your comments.  Our intent is to inspire you as readers to get the most out of life and achieve your goals.  We discuss professional careers, fitness, competitive sports, Navigation, Outdoor wilderness survival, Self-defense, Mixed Martial Arts and anything that inspires humans […]