Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces. Created by Imi Lichtenfeld, Krav Maga has become well known for it’s effectiveness.  It is a system of defense, not a traditional martial art. Many civilians around the world have seen positive results from training in Krav Maga. Not only will the training get you in shape, it will empower you while learning new skills.

Poudly affiliated with Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach, California, we are the only current Krav Maga facility in Halifax. 

Our Krav Maga Classes focus on the basic fundamentals of movement, chokes, holds, strikes, defending strikes, kicks, elbows, knees, ground-defense, controlled live-training and Krav-specific conditioning exercises. The component of mind-set in self-defense is often overlooked. We ensure that you have the mental toughness and smarts, to survive a dangerous situation.

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Krav Maga (Level 1 )

This class is designed for  anyone just starting-off in Krav Maga training.  Each class is progressive however no experience is required.  The objective of this class is to enable students to achieve the ability to be effective and understand the b
asic Krav Maga skills, in our curriculum.

 Krav Maga (Level 2 – 4)

Intensive class is for those that have demonstrated physical and mental endurance indicative of the high volume of training conducted in our intensive classes.  In our Level 2 class you will participate in scenario-based training with intensive drills including sparring.  At level 3 & 4 students that are interested can apply to certify as assistant instructors.

Krav Maga Advanced (Level 5 & 6)

 At level 5 & 6 students that are certified as assistant instructors can apply to certify as instructors.

Krav Maga Advanced (Level 7 & 8)

Level 7 & 8 are Instructor Levels.

At these levels you will learn how to develop curriculum and have the opportunity to train professional groups.  Once you have reached this level you are putting all the elements of combatives together and mastering the concepts to create very effective students.

Pat Major – Krav Maga Level 3

Instructor has over 21 years of military service and experienced in Combatives.

Halifax’s most experienced Combatives instructor, Pat is currently trained under the tutelage of Brian Rauchbach from Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach, California.  He has completed certifications under Krav Maga Alliance and other organizations having trained with the industry’s top instructors.  Pat is the most diverse instructor in Nova Scotia and many seek his expertise across Canada.

Brian Rauchbach – Technical advisor  

At times, Brian visits Unik Skills to share some skills and our staff often visits the HQ in California for continuing training.

An extremely experienced individual, Brian has trained members of the Special Forces Community, Law Enforcement agencies, Security Professionals and various military units.

For more information about Brian please visit the Elite Training Center.